Planning a party or wedding? Learn how to set the perfect table for any occasion!


Plan the Perfect Table with Jennifer Brisman


A Beautiful Foundation

A beautiful table cloth, linen place mat or decorative charger are the perfect start to your place settings!




Use whatcha got (or what you can borrow!). It’s fun to mix different patterns. Feel confident when doing so!

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Make sure your silverware or flatware is polished to perfection. Follow the plan and place forks to the left of the plate, knives and spoons to the right. Position silverware in order of its use from the outside in on each side of the plate.




Use cotton or linen napkins. Be sure to press or iron them and fold them neatly. Place them on top of your china or to the left as pictured.

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Place your stems beginning at the top right edge of the plate tightly staggered above the knives and spoons. The water glass is positioned in front, white wine next, then red, and last, champagne.

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Display condiments necessary to enjoy the meal in a decorative way. Think about items such as sauces, dressings and salt / pepper. Ensure the items are easy to reach for everyone and have appropriate size serving tools.

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Place Cards

Indicating where guests sit is the easiest way to avoid confusion when it’s time for dinner. At a small gathering, it’s also the best way to enhance dinner table chemistry, ensuring that the right guests are sitting near each other.






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