Expert Tips To Help You Ensure the Perfect Wedding Dress Fit!

You did it. You found the one (I mean the dress, silly!). Your beauty has arrived at the bridal salon or your home, and it’s ready to be fitted to your bod. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Schedule your first fitting 3-6 weeks before the big day.
  • It’s likely been months since you ordered your dress so, when you first put it on, it may feel brighter and tighter than the original sample. This happens every time! Not to worry! Your bridal salon and/or a trusted seamstress will get you going in the right direction.
  • The rumors you heard are true – fittings are fun but they can also be overwhelming, especially if you shy away from being the center of attention. Just bring a great attitude and a few people you trust!
  • Always head to your fittings with a clean face, polished hair and you’re your own heels and undergarments to start.
  • Put the camera AWAY, at least just for the first fitting. Fight the urge to take photos. Save it for the real deal, the final fitting.

Your Fittings:

  • Your first fitting. The seamstress will pin and tuck in special ways to ensure proper alterations are initiated. Typically, those changes are basted. Basting is a process by which long, loose temporary stitches are used to tack fabric as desired without harming the material. Once you have given your approval, the seamstress will complete the first round of alterations.


  • Your second fitting. Each fitting brings your wedding gown closer to molding your body to perfection. I have always advised my clients on a gown fit that is just a little bit tighter than they would normally wear an evening dress, especially if the gown is strapless. As the wedding day unfolds, your natural body temperature and movement will warm the fabric and seams, so the gown will grow and give ever-so-slightly, resulting in a dress that might feel a tiny bit too big by the time your reception rolls around. At this fitting, it’s important to put your veil on and move around with it on. Think about your photos and wedding ceremony.  What’s the path you have to take to get to and down the aisle (is it straight? windy? are you indoors or out?).  Determine the best way to move around with your veil on throughout different parts of your wedding day.  Practice while at your fittings if you have space! Also mission critical:  make sure undergarments are completely invisible!


  • Your third (and hopefully, final) fitting. Typically, the third fitting is the final fitting. Once final alterations are complete, your gown will be steamed, stuffed and appropriately stored away in a garment bag until you are ready to pick it up.

Bridal Style Tip. Schedule a hair and make-up trial in conjunction with one of your final fittings. And, at that fitting, try on all final accessories (or contenders) including shoes, jewelry and undergarments. All my clients say this is the most important Bridal Style tip! You invest so much in your wedding. And planning often becomes a huge part of daily life. So much time and attention is given to what your spouse, family and friends want! As you tie up the final details, it’s important that you focus on yourself. Take steps to ensure that you can really envision your final ‘bridal picture’ – how all the pieces come together. Leave nothing to chance! This is not vanity; this is a necessity! Doing so will help you feel confident and calm about your wedding day, ultimately bringing out the best in you and, in turn, everyone around you! This is the time to take pictures, especially a few close ups of your final hair and make-up with the dress on. Print these out – an 8×10 from a one-hour photo location is better than a home printer – and have these available for reference wherever you are getting ready on your Wedding Day.

Weight Loss. Keep weight-loss to a minimum after your final fitting. Yes, you heard me right! I know, I know…we all want to look our best on the wedding day and that usually means our leanest. But ladies, more than a 3-5 pound drop and you will likely have to add on an additional fitting.

Gown Pick-Up. Schedule time with the bridal salon to inspect and pick up your wedding gown, veil and/or other purchases. Aim for a week day or a quite time at the bridal salon. Be sure to bring any necessary paperwork and final payment. After you have checked everything, make sure all items are packed together.

Gown Transport. Ensure you have a transportation plan to transport items accordingly. If you are having a destination wedding, travel with your gown if possible and if allowed by your selected method of travel. If you are shipping your gown, ensure the boutique has the necessary shipping address and ask for shipping confirmation within 24 hours. It’s also important to have contact information for the person who will receive and sign for your gown once it arrives at its destination.

Jennifer Brisman is a Wedding and Event Planner, Chief Planning Officer of jennifer brisman weddings newyork and Founder of VOW, the Wedding Planning Platform with a Human Touch. Based in New York City, Jennifer has been planning and orchestrating extraordinary events for nearly 20 years. For more information, please contact